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MG has been leading technology solutions providing Innovative Services worldwide for over 10 years.

We can help you solve from the most basic to the hardest issues.

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We Are Increasing Business Success With Technology

Over 10 years working in IT services developing websites and mobile apps for clients all over the world.


Education & Tips

Product Design

Web Development

Marketing Management



MG Offers All Kinds of IT & Marketing Solutions Services

Repairs, Troubleshooting, Website, Social Media & Marketing


We can find solutions and ideas for any inconvenience or procedure that is currently not at its maximum efficiency, it can be computer issues or any operational process that results can be improved by technology!​


We can design any website to help your business improve features and increase sales, offer better systems, and have more options. We can help with the logistics and implementation!


Our dedicated and experienced team will see a solution for any problem you may present us. Remember that technology is always improving and is trying to widely cover all aspects of our lives.


Our friendly team will guide you through a solution to any problem that you are presenting, not only that we can help you understand where is the root of the problem, why the behavior, and how to prevent it. We also offer a customized Educational Plan to teach you objective tasks in Windows, Microsoft, or any doubts that you may have!


We can help you organize, share and manage personal or company files with cloud-based storage services like Google Drive or any company of your choice to create more effective procedures and better workflow performance!


We have a specialized marketing team to help you plan, implement, and evaluate the best marketing strategy for your business. Social Media Management, Google Ads, and some inexpensive ways of Marketing!

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Working Process

Our Working Process - How We Work For Our Customers



Understanding the problem involves asking strategic questions that will drive us to possible scenarios with different solutions as a result of our experience.



After discovering the different possible problems and solutions, our specialized team will create an effective plan for a possible solution.



This stage is like a trial and error mode where we run the plan to see the different outcomes and replan until hit the goal.



Once we have a fully tested and effective plan we finished our commitment by making sure you as a customer are totally satisfied.


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Our Pricing

Many times customers think that a problem is going to take a longer time than it is! Please don't hesitate to contact us! Is free!

$29.99Easy/Quick Consult
  • Support via E-mail, Phone or Zoom (Screen Share)​
  • One time appointment with a max time of 40 min.
$79.99Two Weeks Package
  • Support via E-mail, Phone or Zoom (Screen Share)
  • Three (3) appointments with a max time of 40min. each
  • Appointments can be schedule with in to two weeks range
$159.99Monthly Package
  • Support via E-mail, Phone or Zoom (Screen Share)​​
  • Seven (7) appointments with a max time of 40min. each
  • Appointments can be schedule with in a month
  • Replies to Your Extra Concerns by Emails